16 Days of Activism

The 16 days of activism campaign is an international campaign adopted by South Africa in 1998. The hopes of the campaign are to curb the incidence of Gender Based Violence by bringing awareness of the issue and by doing so, individuals acknowledge that it is not a government problem but rather a societal problem. Solidarity is shown by wearing a white ribbon during the 16 days. The period of the campaign in 2015 is the 25th of November to the 10th of December.

Gender Based Violence (along with many other forms of violence) takes many different forms; physical, financial and emotional abuse are the most popular. The UN states, “Women who have been physically or sexually abused by their partners are more than twice as likely to have an abortion, almost twice as likely to experience depression, and in some regions, 1.5 times more likely to acquire HIV, as compared to women who have not experienced partner violence. The UN goes further to estimate that globally, 35 percent of all women have experienced some form of Gender Based Violence. The United Nations also say that less than 40 percent of women who experience Gender Based Violence will seek help. The reasons for not seeking help are endless, most survivors feel afraid that the perpetrator will take some form of action against the survivor for speaking out whether it being physical or otherwise.

World_Aids_Day_RibbonLifeLine Pietermaritzburg encourages everyone, world wide, to speak out against Gender Based Violence. If you are in South Africa , you can contact LifeLine on 0861 322 322 international individuals can contact LifeLine on +27861322322.


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