Gender Based Violence Programme

LifeLine Pietermaritzburg is well known for the work we do in the community, especially around gender based violence. In recent work in the uMsinga community, we discovered that there was a false belief that if a child has been raped, a traditional infection (ibala or isifo sabesuthu) will occur. Parents will deny the child has been raped if they see that they child has this infection, this denial also occurs if the hymen happens to be torn – this can happen if the child is very active, through the use of tampons etc. Our GBV section has helped the community to dispel this belief and educate them on the severity of rape, especially in the traditional context. Dialogues are started and then community entry is engaged. This impact has been seen in that more and more people are coming forward to report rape in areas where rape was not reported as much. The dialogues have also allowed LifeLine to educate the community around gender based violence matters, HIV and AIDS, STI’s and teenage pregnancy. It is encouraged that any person that has been raped, report the case and access PEP within 72 hours.


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