The digital age – of rape

The 21st Century sees leaps in the development of technology and drastic changes in the social interactions with our peers, our communities, the world. Has rape of an individual in the 21st now become a speculative, public encouragement of voyeurism?

BBC reported (14 April 2016) that two individuals (Marina Lonina and Raymond Gates), from Ohio, USA have been accused of allegedly raping a teenage girl of 17 and publishing the rape live on periscope, a company owned by Twitter which allows for live streams to be accessed and recorded with anyone with a smart phone. Marina Lonina is thought to have been recording the rape of the teenage girl by her boyfriend Raymond Gates. It is also alleged that Lonina had taken a photo of the 17 year old woman “in a state of undress” the previous night.

The trauma the survivor of rape goes through is already extreme, how could it further traumatize the survivor when people on the other side of the world are now able to see the rape occur?

Periscope as well as live streams from Facebook are relatively new, are they governing users to insure that this doesn’t occur once again? Is it possible to even find the perpetrators once the feed has been stopped? Lonina and Gates were luckily caught but what happens to those who commit crimes hiding their identity, how will they be stopped?


See the link below to read more:




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