School counsellor accused of rape

In today’s Witness. There is a report of a school counselor who is alleged to have raped boys between the ages of four and nine. The initial reason for him going to court was that there were two counts of rape of boys aged seven years and nine years. The Witness also reported that 10 to 15 more children have now come forward from the same primary school as the two other boys. The counselor had alleged to have told the boys that should they mention anything to their parents he would “kill their parents”. He will stay in police custody pending the police establishing a “profile” of the accused. The bail application will take place on the 4th of July.
As LifeLine, dealing with rape survivors is one of our key areas of focus. We applaud the survivors for speaking up despite the threats this man has made. #Rape is on the increase and more and more people are being affected, whether they have been raped or simply having a family or friend that has been raped.
We appeal to the public on Pietermaritzburg to go to the Edendale TCC as soon as they have been raped in order to access services such as PEP and evidence collection. LifeLine is here to support rape survivors, their families and friends. Our services are free to the public.

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